Migrants and their community

As part of the rejuvenation of its permanent exhibition on Québec, Musée de la civilisation is collecting objects that illustrate the encounters that marked the arrival of newcomers to the province of Québec, whether they were significant, pleasant, striking or even memorable for their downsides.

The stories associated with these objects will be used to highlight the events they evoke.

Help us accurately portray these realities by submitting your objects and their stories through the form below. Who knows? They could be featured in our future permanent exhibition on Québec!

Not sure of your proposal? Here are some examples of items, already on loan to the Museum, that could be selected for this call for objects:

  • Microwave Oven 
    Upon arriving in Québec in 2018, Salvadoran Alessia Gamez Beltran received a microwave from an association. A gift she could never have imagined in her country of origin and that she has been keeping with great care.
  • Ice Skates
    Before settling in Québec, Mohamed Intalla from Mali had always lived near the desert and nowhere near the kind of cold we have here. When he arrived, a volunteer gave him a pair of ice skates which he adopted with enthusiasm. Learning to skate, however, was a whole other ball game!
  • Don Mario Soccer League Cup
    Every summer, hundreds of seasonal migrant workers are employed on Île d’Orléans. Among them are several soccer fans who organize a friendly competition. In 2018, the team of the farm where Mexican Felipe Ortopena works won that cup. Truly a great source of pride!